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Tamarind - Other Vernacular Names And Facts

Another name (other vernacular names) : 

  • Email (in Hindi and Punjabi),
  • Email (in Gujarati),
  • Tamber (in Kashmiri),
  • Puli (in Malayalam, Tamil),
  • Chinch (in Marathi),
  • Tetul (in Bengali),

Interesting Facts and information : 

  • It is widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions for its edible Fruit, the sweet and sour pulp of which is extensively used in foods, beverages, and traditional medicines.
  • The Fruits contain a sweet, tangy pulp, which is used in cuisines worldwide, and the pulp is also used in traditional medicine and as a metal polish.
  • The tree's wood can be used for woodworking, and Tamarind Seed oil can be extracted from the Seeds. Tamarind's tender young leaves are used in Indian and Filipino cuisine.

Therapeutic uses : 

  • It acts as a gentle laxative due to osmosis and is also used as the present acid refrigerant.
  • The Fruits are considered by many to be too sour but are often used as a component of Savory dishes and as a pickling agent.
  • Tamarind paste has many culinary uses, including a flavoring for chutneys s, curries, and the traditional sharbat syrup drink. Tamarind kernel powder is used as a sizing material for textile and jute processing and in manufacturing industrial Gums and adhesives.
  • Constipation has been documented throughout the world.

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