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Nutmag Fruit - Other Vernacular Names And Facts

Another name (other vernacular names) : 

  • Jaiphal (in Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Oriya), 
  • Zaaphal (in Kashmiri), 
  • Jathikkai (in Malayalam, Tamil), 
  • Jaji kayi (in Kannada, Telugu), 

Interesting Facts and information : 

  • Nutmeg is a Spice made by grinding the Seed of the fragrant nutmeg tree (Myristica fragrans) into powder. 
  • The Spice has a distinctively spicy fragrance and a warm, slightly sweet taste; it is used to flavor many kinds of baked goods, confections, puddings, potatoes, meats, Sausages, Sauces, vegetables, and beverages.
  • Nutmeg was once considered an abortifacient but may be Safe during pregnancy if used only in flavoring amounts.
  • If consumed in large amounts, nutmeg could cause premature labor and miscarriage.

Therapeutic uses : 

  • Nutmeg is an aromatic, carminative, flavoring agent.
  • Both nutmeg and mace are used for flatulence to ease Nausea and vomiting. 
  • Grated nutmeg and lard are used in an ointment for piles. 
  • It has narcotic action, and peripherally it irritates and produces anesthetics action; since it irritates the intestine and uterus, it can cause abortion. 
  • Oil of Nutmeg is used to conceal the taste of various drugs and as a local stimulant to the gastrointestinal tract.

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