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Mustard - Other Vernacualar Names And Facts

Another name (other vernacular names) : 

Interesting Facts and information : 

  • Mustard is commonly paired with meats, vegetables, and cheeses, especially as a condiment for Sandwiches, hamburgers, corn dogs, and hot dogs.
  • Mustard can be added to dishes as a primary Spice, as is popular in East Indian cuisine. It is also an ingredient in many dressings, glazes, Sauces, soups, and Marinades.
  • The English word "mustard" derives from the Anglo-Norman Mustard e and Old French mostarda. The Romans were probably the first to experiment with the preparation of Seeds(called Sinapis) to make "burning must," mustum ardens—hence "must ard."

Therapeutic uses : 

  • Fixed oil is used as edible after refining, but its medicinal properties are due to allyl isothiocyanate, a local irritant, and emetic.
  • If applied externally, it is rubefacient and vesicant. It is also used as a condiment and in the manufacture of soap. 
  • Refined Mustard oil is used in vegetable ghee.
  • Mustard is often used at the table as a condiment on Cold and hot meats, and it is also used as an ingredient in mayonnaise, vinaigrette, Marinades, and barbecue Sauce.

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