Fennel fruit - other vernacular names and facts image

Fennel Fruit - Other Vernacular Names And Facts

Another name (other vernacular names) :  

  • Variyali (in Gujarati),
  • Saunf (in Hindi),
  • Badishep (in Marathi),
  • Sombu (in Tamil), 

Interesting Facts and information : 

  • Fennel is an aromatic Seedshave with a sweet taste similar to anises.
  • The Seeds contain 3 to 4 percent essential oil; the principal components are anethole and fenchone.

Therapeutic uses : 

  • Fennel is a stomachic, aromatic, diuretic, carminative, diaphoretic, digestive, pectoral, and flavoring agent.
  • Anethole may have estrogen-like activity and inhibit spasms in smooth muscles.
  • Fennel can increase bile production, be used in the treatment of infant colic, promote menstruation in women, increase lactation, and act as antipyretic, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory.

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