What is Otitis?

The ear is divided into three parts: the outer, middle, and inner. Otitis is an infection in some Parts Of The Ear. Children, especially preschoolers, prefer it, but it can also occur in Adults. The main symptom is pain. It can also cause fever, Nausea, vomiting, loss of balance, and even fluid discharge from the ear. Up to 70% of ear Infections s go away without a prescription.

The ear has three parts: the outer ear, middle ear, and inner ear.

  • Otitis externa
  • What are the Symptoms?
  • Treatment and prevention
  • Otitis media
  • How is it treated?
  • Otitis Interna
  • Treatment of Otitis interna

Otitis externa

Otitis externa is inflammation of the outer ear and usually affects the external auditory canal. It is often caused by pseudomonas, staphylococcus, fungi, or viruses. It is more likely to happen if you spend a lot of time in Swimming pools and at Sea in the summer (hence the name swimmer’s ear) or if you injure the ear canal by inserting objects (e.g., a cotton swab).

What are the Symptoms?

Otitis externa can initially cause itching and make you feel sick with dizziness, vomiting, and Nausea.

Treatment and prevention

What you need to do is keep your ears dry, and this prevents the growth of the germs that cause the problem. Avoid Swimming and prevent water from entering your ears when you shower. Wipe the outside of the ear gently with a towel after a shower. Turn your head to the side to facilitate the exit of water. Avoid placing foreign objects in your ears.

Otitis media

A tube called the eustachian tube (acoustic) trumpet exists after the eardrum. It connects the middle ear to the nasopharyngeal area, allowing air to be refreshed in the middle of the ear and fluid to be removed from the oral cavity. When a child has a nasal or other infection, the Eustachian tube may collect fluid and become blocked (due to a stuffy nose). Due to the liquid, the eardrum cannot vibrate properly, and there is reduced hearing. If the fluid is contaminated with germs, the eardrum may become swollen. The cause can be various common Viruses or bacteria.

How is it treated?

Warm compresses are also recommended to reduce pain, e.g., with a damp, warm cloth or Salt sock. Sometimes it can be helpful to put oil (spatula; Otitis are thyme, dittany, Mountain Tea, and oregano (in small quantities).

Otitis Interna

It is an infection of the inner Symptoms include hearing problems, balance, dizziness, vertigo, and tinnitus. The two vestibular nerves in the inner ear Send information to the brain about movement in space and balance control. A condition known as labyrinthitis develops when one of these nerves becomes inflamed.

Treatment of Otitis interna

In rare cases, your hearing may be permanently damaged. If you experience acute pain, hearing loss, or fever that does not go away after two days or exceeds 39 degrees Celsius, Seek medical attention immediately. Use warm compresses to reduce pain. Rinsing with salt water can help clear the Eustachian tube. Do not smoke and limit Alcohol consumption.

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