Alcohol consumption is associated mainly with pleasant moments. Alcoholic beverages have always played a leading role in people’s lives. However, Alcohol is dangerous to health and leads to blindness, Liver Cirrhosis, and death.

Wine protects heart

This is a fact—the effects of Alcohol consumption.

Frequent and high Alcohol consumption is not dangerous to health.

This is a myth. Ethanol in small quantities does not cause damage to the body. In large amounts, however, it becomes toxic. Esophagitis, Heartburn, gastritis, Liver Cirrhosis, cardiac arrhythmias, hypertension, myocardial infarction, memory loss, cancer, and even death are some side effects of high Alcohol a day.

Alcohol affects equally women and men.

This is a myth. The truth is that women are more vulnerable to Alcohol, men have more water in their bodies, and women have less weight and fat than men. The result is that the Same amount of Alcohol is in the body of women, and thus get drunk more quickly and efficiently than men.

Alcohol can get us fat

This is a fact. Compared with the other food ingredients, Alcohol, for many years, has been skinny. Alcoholics usually substitute food with beverages; thus, they maintain energy balance.

Alcohol does not adversely affect brain function and mood.

This is a Myth. High Alcohol is consumed, and deficiencies in specific Nutrients, reduced cognition, and bad mood may be observed.

Its effect is shorter when consuming food and particular fat along with Alcohol.

This is a fact. Alcohol is consumed along with a meal; ethanol Absorption is delayed as food is mediated.

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