Daily exercise is good for optimizing health and helping in Weight Loss. However, with so many options, it is easy to be overwhelmed by so much information.

All Exercises s are good, even simple exercise every day by putting your body under natural Stress that you can endure.

Easy Fitness Exercises

Here are five Exercises s that work out as many muscle groups as possible. These Exercises s can be done with variations increasing their difficulty, such as, e.g., being accompanied by dumbbells. The goal is to breathe, creating a small “oxygen deficit” – this will improve your Fitness.

Foot projections

The projections of the legs – both front and back – with the parallel immersion of the body are an excellent Exercise for the improvement of the stability and also the muscles of your legs. Take a big step forward (or backward) and lower your weight while returning to your starting position, Changing your legs the next time.

You can make this exercise more challenging by holding weights in your hands. You can also stretch your arms with the dumbbells as your body descends. This variant is perfect as it involves many muscles. If you want a high degree of difficulty, you can make the projections by jumping.


Abdominal Exercises s are essential, and one of them is gnawing. Lie on the ground with your legs and arms behind your head. Lift your body away from the ground and return to your starting position. A variation of this exercise is having your legs raised in the air and your knees bent. Also, as you lift your shoulders, you can ride a bike on your feet.


When doing exercises at home, you need to include someone who Exercises s your center, which is a good Plank. There is the board on which you rest your elbows on the floor and the one you sleep on your palms. You can try to hold it for 1 minute. At the same time, you can do something else: lean on one leg and lift the other backward – it will not be difficult – increasing your workout range. You can also switch positions between hands and elbows on your board. These Exercises s will train your center and its internal organs while tightening your buttocks.


The Plankstand with your legs thrown backward. Then quickly fold your legs forward again and make an upward jump. As you return to the upright position, continue repeating the exercise. You can do this 10-20 times until you gasp. Depending on your physical condition, you may choose to make a small or large jump.


Push-up is one of the best Exercises s for the chest. You lean on your arms shoulder width apart and your toes while your body is parallel to the floor. Bend your elbows by lowering your body to the floor and then push to return to the board position. You can rest your knees on the floor if you find it difficult. However, you can do something else. From the standing position, you bend down and do a push-up. Still, instead of the work on the board, you return to the vertical position and repeat the exercise – this variation significantly enhances your aerobic capacity.