Summer Season is always coming at its time and Challenges us to wear airy clothes and colorful swimsuits! Maybe some of us want to lose the extra Weight we got behind with an express diet in winter!

Rapid Weight Loss may seem like an ideal scenario. But the Secret to Longrun.

It is no coincidence, after all, that many of those who try fast strict diets sometimes can’t follow them and other times regain even more Weight after stopping the diet!

To achieve the desired result, it is crucial to watch out for the following common mistakes:

1. Few meals during the day

Often, we choose not to eat certain meals during the day, thinking that this will reduce our daily calorie intake. However, it is better to consume 4-5 meals a day to increase the body’s burning and, at the same time, achieve activation of the metabolism.

Also, with small and frequent meals, we keep the blood glucose levels stable, and the possibility of bulimia Symptoms decreases.

2. Calories and Physical Exercise

When we start exercising, we consume more calories than we need. This is either because we feel more hungry after so many burns or because we reward ourselves for our effort!

Unfortunately, this is often not the case, and we think we are consuming the Same things as before. In reality, however, we receive more calories than we “burn.”

3. A few kilos

Often, when we want to lose a few pounds, for example, 4-5 pounds, we can have more difficulty than when we lose more than 20 pounds.

There are also familiar people with already low body weight to want to lose even more Weight. In other words, they force their body to Lose Weight even though it does not need it, causing the body to resist, as it believes the person is in danger.

4. Repetitive diets

Another important reason the body has reached its limits is the continuous, exhausting, and express diets.

The body, in these cases, has unfortunately Adapted to energy deprivation. As a result, each subsequent diet becomes much more complicated than the previous one, slower, and with more uncertain results.

5. Dietary Supplements and Weight Loss

Dietary Trace elements, Minerals , electrolytes, etc., because we have a shortage, which we want to cover.

When we want to lose weight, a specialized dietary supplement can help us with a specially designed composition so that it has an active and effective action on our body.

The most crucial element, however, that we must pay attention to when choosing a dietary supplement that contributes to Weight Loss is having a Safety mechanism of action, which is certified by clinical studies.

What is Nutramins Vitaprime?

Some holistic dietary supplement contributes significantly to weight management while reducing Stress, giving energy, and boosting the Immune System!

It may contain a clinically proven natural ingredient that helps manage Weight. It also may contain polysaccharides of plant origin, esterified fatty acids, Pomegranate extract, β-carotene, and cyanophyte phytocyanins.

Thanks to its careful composition, it contributes to the normal function of leptin, the hormone that affects the feeling of hunger. In fact, according to a clinical study of 8 weeks, in overweight people who take Lepticore®, we found that it contributes significantly to Weight Management.

Specifically, the results showed:

  • Improving the action of leptin
  • Weight loss up to 5 kg
  • Reduction of body fat by 3%

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