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Spirulina - master of superfoods image

Spirulina - Master Of Superfoods

Spirulina is a tiny blue-green organism, a cyanobacterium that grows in fresh as well as salt water. The microalgae belong to the cyanobacteria – formerly called cyanobacteria – whose cell..........

Quinoa, the queen of cereals image

Quinoa, The Queen Of Cereals

The most famous superfoods is Quinoa, which derives from a bush. Quinoa, also known as Chisiya and according to Incas, is the mother of cereals due to its nutritional value.

6 types of seeds - try it, taste it! image

6 Types Of Seeds - Try It, Taste It!

During the last decade, seeds have become very popular, and they are used daily in breakfast cereals and salads. Despite the wide variety of seeds, each has different properties...........

Pomegranate, the king of fruits image

Pomegranate, The King Of Fruits

Pomegranate stands out for its royal shape and deep reddish color. Traditionally, Pomegranate was used as a symbol of good fortune and abundance. Despite its beauty, it has many health benefits, so it is considered the king of fruits!

Buckwheat - a nutritious pseudo-cereal image

Buckwheat - A Nutritious Pseudo-Cereal

Buckwheat belongs to pseudo-cereals and its seeds are triangular with brown color. That’s why buckwheat became known as the “black wheat.”..........Know more about it.

Organic food: Is it that important? image

Organic Food: Is It That Important?

The word "organic" refers to farmers' growth and processing of agricultural products, such as vegetables, fruits, and grains. Actually, they are free of dangerous pesticides and hormones as well as ..........